• How TikTok contributed to an increase in global book sales
  • What’s next for influencer marketing
  • Social media is eating into Google’s core products
  • Podcast: In conversation with Lesley-Ann Gallant, Digital Marketing Manager at Sanlam Credit Solutions

How TikTok contributed to an increase in global book sales

TikTok has firmly secured its place a trendsetting giant. It’s proven that there’s a niche for every interest and influencers to go with it. #BookTok is one of the niches that exploded over the last couple of years and has over 60 billion views. The hashtag has lead to countless global book sales with bookshops taking advantage of the trend and creating displays of books “as seen on TikTok” and ecommerce sites curating #BookTok collections.

Read more on how this TikTok niche has contributed to book sales here.


What’s next for influencer marketing

Kevin Kirby, from the Nfinity Group of Companies, unpacks what lies ahead for influencer marketing. We’ve seen the rise of nano and micro influencers and virtual influencers coming on the scene…but what’s next? The Metaverse seems like the next natural progression. Brands are already staking their claims. How will influencer marketing fit into this world?

Read Kevin’s thoughts here.

Social media is eating into Google’s core products

We can’t ignore the fact that our search and purchasing behaviour has changed dramatically with the rise in popularity of social media. The younger generations are turning to apps like Instagram and TikTok to discover brands and recommendations on products and services. They are also turning to ecommerce sites for product recommendations. Even though this generation will ultimately launch Google Maps for directions, their discovery journey n longer starts on Google. Predictably this will eat into Google’s core products of search and discovery; and ultimately paid ads.

Read here on how Google is planning to win back the younger audience.

Podcast: In conversation with Lesley-Ann Gallant

In this episode we’re in conversation with Lesley-Ann Gallant, Digital Marketing Manager at Sanlam Credit Solutions.

She is an incredibly passionate digital marketer, and you will hear this come through in this episode. At Sanlam Lesley-Ann is the strategic lead in planning and executing targeted data-driven acquisition campaigns that convert high intent audiences into product sales. In general, she loves optimising ecommerce businesses and improving their online performance; and seeing their conversion rates go up!

We chat about using influencers in the financial industry and why it’s become so popular; the 3 things that influencer marketing have impact on for businesses and brands; the power of shifting financial education to social media for more accessibility; and the big shifts in influencer marketing.

Listen here:

Listen to more episodes here.

We are Nfluential…

Nfluential is an influencer marketing strategy boutique agency that focuses on creating ‘road maps’ for influencer campaigns. If you don’t know what success looks like for your campaign, how would you know you achieved it? We also offer education sessions on the industry.

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