• Debunking influencer marketing myths
  • Budget shifts in influencer marketing
  • 6 common influencer marketing mistakes that you may be making
  • Podcast: In conversation with The Doc and The Guru part 2

Debunking influencer marketing myths

There’s still a perception amongst some marketers that influencer marketing is only good to create awareness and not much else. This is an outdated opinion as the industry has come a long way. These days influencer marketing supports full-funnel results for brands and thus influencer marketing should be treated like any other marketing and media tactic.

The top three influencer marketing myths are debunked in this article.

Budget shifts in influencer marketing

The biggest change in the industry right now is the shift in budget allocation between content creation and the distribution thereof. Before the algorithms made it far more difficult for organic reach, brands mostly worked with macro influencers aka celebs or big personalities because of their big audiences. This was often an expensive tactic too! Because of this, it was mostly big brands with big budgets that implemented influencer marketing.

With the changes in algorithms it’s estimated that only 10% – 15% of audiences see content these days. This has led to the need for content distribution budgets to increase; and also opened up the market to smaller, and arguably more authentic and credible, influencers like micro and nano influencers. Distribution is done through performance marketing and with this, marketers can strategically target big audiences relevant to brands’ target markets, with influencer content.

Read an in-depth article by Peiter Groenewald, CEO at Nfinity Media, unpacking the details here.

6 common influencer marketing mistakes

By now it’s general knowledge that if you partner the right influencer with the right brand, magical things happen. But there is a bit more to it. There’s still a handful of common mistakes some marketers still make when it comes to influencer marketing. This article discusses the below mistakes in detail.

  • Not having clearly defined objectives at the beginning
  • Picking the wrong influencers
  • Not keeping an eye on what the competition is doing
  • Writing bad briefs
  • Not analysing the results after a campaign
  • Not cultivating relationships with influencers

Podcast: In conversation with The Doc and The Guru part 2

This is part 2 of my conversation with Dr. Doug Mattheus and Gordon Muller aka The Doc and The Guru. So, if you haven’t watched to part 1 yet, I encourage you to do so.

Today’s episode is filled with interesting insights. We look at the accessibility to smartphones with good cameras and internet connectivity as one of the reasons for the growth of influencer marketing, the lessons marketers can learn from the Kardashians, the shift to purpose-led and inclusivity in brand campaigns, and The Doc and The Guru’s predictions for the future of marketing.

Listen here:

Watch here:

Listen to more episodes here.

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