• How TikTok changed the game for small brands
  • 7 big benefits of user generated content for ecommerce
  • Factors that ensure the successful execution of influencer campaigns
  • Podcast: In conversation with The Doc and The Guru

How TikTok changed the game for small brands

The success of TikTok, in large, is that it sets itself apart from other social media platforms. In fact, it distances itself completely from it; calling itself an entertainment platform instead. And it does just that! It’s FYP (for you page) is hyper personalised for every users, ensuring that everyone is served content that they are interested in; and this keeps users in app longer. The other big reason for success is that it is all about “real” content, in other words the flawed, raw content, no polish, extensive editing and filters needed. Small businesses are taking advantage of this and winning. The key to their strategy? Not creating ads, but instead joining existing conversations and making content relatable, real and authentic for users to connect with.

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7 big benefits of user generated content for ecommerce

In 2021 the world saw an increase of over 344 million consumer goods purchased online compared with the previous year. The total coming to a whopping 3.78 billion! It’s worth noting that most of these purchases were made using cellphones. The increase in ecommerce sales and the use of cellphones for this coupled with the fact that over 100 million pictures are uploaded to Instagram every single day, never mind any other social media platforms, give brands a great opportunity to collect User Generated Content (UGC).

Not only influencers, but also every day people spending their own money on brands, create content showcasing their purchases, to post to social media and to share with family and friends. This content can be anything from unboxings to before and after videos; and everything in-between. All brands should be collecting this UGC to repurpose across marketing channels.

Read here about the 7 big benefits of UGC for your brand

Factors that ensure the successful execution of influencer campaigns

While it’s no question that it’s the right thing to include influencer marketing as part of your strategy, it’s also no question that in order to truly succeed and achieve your desired objectives, you need to have the right elements on hand to help you coordinate your campaign efficiently. These elements help to ensure that your return on investment meets (and hopefully exceeds) expectations; while empowering you to conduct an ongoing review of the activity during, and after, the campaign, so that valuable learnings can be put to future use.

When it comes to the elements that ensure the successful execution of an influencer campaign, we’ve identified four: technology, influencer stock, collaboration and strategy.

Pieter Groenewald, CEO at Nfinity Media, unpacks these four elements in the article here.

Podcast: In conversation with The Doc and The Guru

In this episode we’re in conversation with Dr. Doug Mattheus and Gordon Muller aka The Doc and The Guru, acclaimed marketing professionals. Both have been in the industry for decades and share their experience and knowledge with us.

This is a two-part episode because we covered so many topics. In this episode we touch on the shift over the last couple of years of including psychology in advertising and marketing, in particular behavioural sciences; the importance of making sure you’re campaign is aligned with your target market and it’s not just you and your team who loves the idea; knowing how to interpret data being key to insightful campaigns; and of course we chat about the brands and stars who influenced The Doc and The Guru.

Listen here:

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We are Nfluential…

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