• Sports content is thriving on TikTok
  • Leveraging the power of nano-influencers to gain brand traction
  • Why you should partner with Gen Z influencers
  • Podcast: In conversation with Bradley Hall, MD at PHD South Africa

Sports content is thriving on TikTok

The short-form video platform truly has a niche for every interest and this includes sport. Users spend hours per day on the app and it’s not all for entertainment. Studies show that sport fans flock to the app for game highlights, to watch behind-the-scenes sports content and to keep up to date with game day updates. This makes sense as the app provides easy to consume visual short snippets, often highlight reels, for fans.

Read more about this, the stats and the research here.

Leveraging the power of nano-influencers to gain brand traction

Social media is so much more than keeping tabs on what your favourite celebrity is up to these days. It’s more about seeing what friends, family, acquaintances and social media friends are up to. This includes nano influencers who have built small but loyal audiences based on their passions and their specific interests. They are authentic, speaking from personal experiences with brands that they enjoy. Their content is not perfect and it’s exactly that flawsomeness that makes them impactful.

Read more about it here.

Why you should partner with Gen Z influencers

Gen Z is under the spotlight in most marketing plans, trying to figure out what they need and want so that we can understand them better and use that in our marketing to them. Influencer marketing is no different. The easiest way to reach this generation is to partner with their peers.

Here’s three reasons why it’s a good idea to enlist Gen Z influencers:

  • Gen Z consumers are more inclined to be sceptical about brands, using an influencer they respect to promote your brand is the quickest way to win their trust
  • 93% of parents say that their Gen Z child influences household purchases, if you win over the Gen Z then you’ve won over an entire household
  • Gen Z is comprised of over two billion people globally and they are often the first to be in the know about new apps and social media platforms. When you partner with a Gen Z influencer you get not only their audience but their expertise as a tech-savvy member of their generation

Read more here.

Podcast: In conversation with Bradley Hall, MD at PHD South Africa

In this episode we’re in conversation with Bradley Hall, MD at PHD South Africa. Having worked in a wide range of industries, he looks at most things marketing and media with varied lenses. He tells us about a big rugby star that influenced his clothing choices as a teen; how without resonance influencer marketing is just another brand ad, and how simple ideas are generally the best ones.

Listen here:

We’re so excited to add video to our podcasting now. Watch here:

Listen to more episodes here.

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