• Influencer marketing for every niche
  • Social selling beyond stereotypes
  • Rolling Stone magazine focusses on creators
  • Podcast: In conversation with Nicole Olivier; General Manager – Digital Mortgages at WeApply

Influencer marketing for every niche

Influencer marketing is no longer only for consumer brands or FMCG products like it used to be. Gone are the days when influencer niches were predictable like beauty, fashion, food and travel because of how they lend themselves to beautiful imagery on social media. These days there’s a niche for almost every industry on social media and influencers to go along with it. These include the ever-growing granfluencers, cleanfluencers, dermatology, farmfluencers and so forth. Audiences are valuing the picture-perfect curated images less; and authenticity, relatability and information more.

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Social selling beyond stereotypes

Social commerce is becoming more prominent and brands need to pay attention. Mainly driven my millennials and Gen Z, generations who expects seamless shopping experiences; convenience; and immediacy. These shoppers need and want access to services and products no matter which channel that they are on. Whether online or in the real world they want unique and seamless experiences. One way we see brands responding to this is the way brick and mortar stores have evolved into aesthetically-pleasing spaces – primed for Instagram content. Influencers also play a big role in influencing purchasing decisions of the always-connected generations; who instead of taking their cues from movie stars, look to their favourite influencers across social media platforms.

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Rolling Stone magazine focusses on creators

Rolling Stone is an institution in itself, always having a finger on the pulse of the music industry. Over the last couple of years the magazine has changed ownership and slowly started pivoting to resonate with the younger generations and keeping up with the cultural shifts. At the end of April, Rolling Stone debut its inaugural Creators issue with MrBeast on the cover. This was the first time a social media celebrity graced the cover of the magazine. Its interest has shifted to live events and creators which will be the main focus of its editorial content going forward. Rolling Stone launched a live-streaming partnership with Twitch in 2021 and produces 5 shows per week for the app and it’s proving to be successful for the magazine.

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Podcast: In conversation with Nicole Olivier

In this episode we’re in conversation with Nicole Olivier; General Manager – Digital Mortgages at WeApply. Her career started in the Mortgage Software division at Comcorp, working closely with mortgage origination channels, property developers, estate agents and major banks of South Africa. She has since moved over to the Digital Mortgages division, where the focus is on empowering home buyers by providing them with a customised, digital home loan (bond) solution.

Grab a coffee and listen as we discuss:

    • Shifting from a B2B brand to a B2C one
    • The importance of human connection even when your product is tech driven
    • The importance of discovering what your customer wants not what you think they do
    • Using influencer marketing to connect with and educate people on the process of purchasing a home

Listen to more episodes here.

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