• Why TikTok is a must for marketers
  • Shopify is betting on creators
  • Gen Z is Driving Shift Towards More Immersive Shopping Experiences
  • Podcast: In conversation with Santoni Engelbrecht, Survivor SA castaway and Owner of Kwaito Koeksister

Why TikTok is a must for marketers

TikTok is still the new kid on the block when it comes to brands using it as an influencer marketing platform. It is no surprise then that many decision-makers are hesitant to invest in campaigns on the platform. Webfluential have been running TikTok influencer campaigns since 2020 and continue to see great results for their clients. Read more about why TikTok is a must for marketers and get a couple of tips if starting out on the platform for your brand.

Read the article here.

Shopify is betting on creators

Shopify understands the value in building a community and the power of influencers. Over the last couple of years the e-commerce platform has been focusing its attention on creators and empowering them with certain resources. In fact, Shopify is building out a full-fledged suite of services aimed directly at influencers, whether that’s a professional athlete or a TikTok chef — to jumpstart its next wave of growth.

Read more about how Shopify is enabling creators and at the same time its clients here.

Gen Z is Driving Shift Towards More Immersive Shopping Experiences

A global study of nearly 5 000 Gen Z people was carried out by Snap in partnership with Crowd DNA showed some interesting stats that brands should take into consideration when developing marketing plans. Some of these are:

  • Visual communication is key
  • Gen Z value close relationships and cites that brands should try to build connections with them
  • More than half of the respondents said that they feel a personal responsibility to make the world a better place
  • Most of the respondents are interested in using AR for shopping purposes

Read the full article here.

Podcast: In conversation with Santoni Engelbrecht, Survivor SA castaway and Owner of Kwaito Koeksister

In this episode we’re in conversation with Santoni Engelbrecht, the former Creative Director of eNCA, Survivor SA castaway and Owner of Kwaito Koeksister.

After being retrenched at the news channel, Santoni put her focus on her passion, her online clothing store, Kwaito Koeksister. The online store has become a favourite with the quirky dressers out there. She grew the business through Instagram and as fans will know, it’s not only known for its clothes and accessories, but also for the daily memes they share on their Stories; so much so that people stop her in the street to discuss this. Santoni is also the main influencer and face of the brand, learning what resonates with their audiences as she goes. Being a castaway on Survivor SA also had a big impact on her brand as an influencer but also the bottom line of the business.

Grab a coffee and listen as we discuss:

    • The importance of knowing what your audience wants in terms of content and keeping to your brand values
    • Being brave and trying new content formats and see what works and what fails as a brand
    • The value of forming a relationship with your consumers
    • The cost effectiveness and overall impact of influencers vs traditional marketing

Listen to more episodes here.

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