• TikTok partners with Shopify.
  • Twitter’s new roadmap.
  • Instagram’s improved search could help close the gap with TikTok.
  • Podcast: In conversation with David Shields, Digital Lead at Wavemaker.

TikTok partners with Shopify

The short-form video platform is getting into ecommerce. Similar to Instagram Shopping where products can be linked to post, Shopify allows users to do the same on TikTok. Brands are eager to use this function, but need to ensure that they are as authentic as the users on the platform when doing so and avoid the hard sell. TikTok is all about authenticity and creativity after all.

Read the full article here.

Twitter’s new roadmap

We hardly read much about Twitter these days, unless there’s a celebrity beef going on. In a bid to retain and attract a certain kind of influencer – writers, journalists, and mainstream celebrities, particularly intellectual thought leaders – Twitter is making a couple of upgrades. These include users being able to make quick and easy one-time payments through third-party services; “safety mode”; and re-labelling so-called good bots.

Read the full article here.

Instagram’s improved search could help close the gap with TikTok

Instagram plans to more prominently feature photos and videos in search results in the future. The change could show the grid of photos and videos a keyword search can pull up alongside results for accounts and hashtags, not dissimilar to how TikTok displays results. The visual results will still live behind a tap of a keyword, but they should be more prominent and common. Adam Mosseri, Instagram Head announced the tweak in a video where he was giving more insights on how the app works.

Watch Adam Mosseri’s video here.

Podcast: In conversation with David Shields, Digital Lead at Wavemaker

In this episode, we’re in conversation with David Shields who is a strategic, multi-channel communications professional with over a decade’s worth of marketing experience in the digital & SME arena. He currently works as Digital Lead at WAVEMAKER – connecting creative dots to well-executed placements; attempting to make the internet feel less “ad”dy.

Grab a coffee and listen as we discuss:

    • Using data to create campaigns that resonates with target audiences
    • The power of combining marketing channels
    • The effectiveness of nano influencers when brands want to tap into communities

Listen more episodes here.

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