• A brewery is generating user generated content by paying micro influencers to drink its beer and posting it to social media.
  • Why influencer marketing thrived in the pandemic.
  • Instagram is retiring the swipe up.
  • Podcast: In conversation with Matthew Kanniah, motoring influencer, photographer and videographer.

Good Robot is paying ‘micro-influencers’ to drink craft beer

The brewing company came up with a campaign to drive generated content during COVID. The idea behind it was that since communities can’t get together to celebrate, they can still do so on social media. Although there are a couple of rules to qualify, the gist of it is that if you do, the brand will pay consumers $1 for those who drink its beer and post it Instagram and tagging the brand handle.

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Why influencer marketing thrived in the pandemic

It’s no secret that people flocked to online shopping during the pandemic and research shows that most people with either continue to shop this way, or incorporate it into their regular shopping habits. But the space is cluttered and can be confusing and that’s where influencers shine. Influencers already have a personal connection with their followers and thus provide trusted recommendations of their favourite sites and products. Further more, influencers are relatable and accessible entry points to introduce new and constantly improving virtual shopping experiences to their followers.

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Instagram is retiring the swipe up

Influencers have been aiming to reach that precious 10 000 followers on Instagram so that they can have the swipe-up function. This means that influencers can add links to their stories whereby audiences can swipe to an external link. Very nifty. But, last week, Instagram announced that they are retiring this function and replacing it with link stickers, that anyone can use on their Stories, regardless of the number of followers. These stickers will be tappable that take people to external websites. This is great news for brands, because now nano and micro influencers can also have audiences click through to landing pages, be it to learn more or to purchase products.

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Podcast: In conversation with Matthew Kanniah

In this episode, we’re in conversation with Matthew Kanniah, the founder and creator of Heart of Motion. He is a true car enthusiast who has made a name for himself in the Instagram and social media community as “The Car Guy”. Having started shooting on a cellphone, Matthew along with other South African greats started using the Instagram platform and community to become a better photographer in 2012 and has since turned professional in 2017 now fully making living off digital marketing, social media and photography and videography.

Grab a coffee and listen as we discuss:

• How advancements in technology and the internet have helped to grow the influencer industry
• Authenticity remains king
• The importance of relationship building between brands, agencies and influencers

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