What you will read about today:

  • Why L’Oréal is looking to TikTok for a commerce boost.
  • The secret to Sephora’s influencer marketing success.
  • The evolution of influence.
  • Podcast: In conversation with Denelle Morais, marketing and communications manager at Bestmed.

Why L’Oréal is looking to TikTok for a commerce boost

The beauty giant is always at the forefront of influencer marketing in the beauty industry. It’s set its sights on TikTok now for a commerce boost. Already working with 14 content creators on the app, the videos are product demos for now, but the plan is to eventually livestream these. L’Oréal looked to China where these types of events have become hugely popular and is set to have garnered $150 billion in sales last year.

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The secret to Sephora’s influencer marketing success

Sephora launched its Sephora Squad in 2019 and the programme has since become the cornerstone of its marketing. The influencer marketing programme grew from 53 creators in 2019 to 73 this year. It’s interesting to note that in 2021 the brand also included retail associates to the programme. Unlike other brands, Sephora does not rely on third party apps or agencies to match influencers to the business. The beauty brand ask influencers to apply to be part of the programme, and this sets it aside from other brands. Influencers part of the Sephora Squad range from nano, micro to mid-tier influencers and work with the brand for a 1-year contract. In 2021 the beauty brand had over 30 000 applications. Studies showed that the Sephora Squad consistently drives higher impact and conversations than its competitors.

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The evolution of influence

Google trends show how, over the past five years, the term ‘influencer marketing’ has steadily been used more. Fortunately, a deeper understanding by marketers of the topic has also grown alongside this trend as it was not that long ago that most marketers had a very singular – and incorrect – idea of what influencer marketing was. Influencer marketing was seen by most in its celebrity form only.

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Podcast: In conversation with Denelle Morais

In this episode, we’re in conversation with Denelle Morais, the Marketing and Communications manager at Bestmed medical scheme. She’s gained significant marketing and communications experience in the Engineering, Healthcare and Financial sectors. One thing she’s learnt is that these industries are inherently complex. As the marketing and communications manager of Bestmed Medical Scheme, one of the only schemes to show growth in a tough industry in 2020, is testament to the powerful passionate people behind the brand.

Grab a coffee and listen as we discuss:

    • The power of using customers as influencers.
    • The importance of treating customers as individuals and not as numbers.
    • The biggest learnings from running influencer campaigns in the medical aid industry.

Listen to other episodes here.

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