What you will read about today:

  • Instagram launches new insights for Reels and Live.
  • Facebook rolls out shoppable livestream programming.
  • Brands need to be where their customers are.
  • Podcast: In conversation with Geo West, Owner and Founder of Happy Cat agency.

Instagram launches new insights for Reels and Live

We’ve been asking for this and it’s finally happened. Instagram is now giving us insights for Reels and Live videos. This is fantastic news because this means as marketers, we can include these types of content in campaigns and actually be able to measure it beyond vanity metrics. Hoorah!

Insights for Reels will include: accounts reached, saves and shares. For Live videos creators will now be able to see the number of peak concurrent viewers that tune in to watch. In addition, Instagram will breakdown what kind of accounts are reached and what content formats generate the strongest engagement in the insights section. All of this is great news for marketers and creators. Marketers can put forward creators that reach specific types of accounts with specific content formats; and creators can tailor their content better to their audiences.

Read the full article here.


Facebook rolls out shoppable livestream programming

Shoppable Livestreams is the newest buzz-phrase and we’re seeing it adopted on Instagram, TikTok and now Pinterest and Facebook. It makes sense that more and more brands are going this way with COVID restrictions and consumers still preferring shopping online over heading into crowded malls. It’s a trend that I predict will stay long after the world have emerged from the pandemic. It’s convenient and we know that convenience trumps above all else.

Last week Facebook announced its Live Shopping Fridays, a three-month program that began on 21 May showcasing beauty and fashion brands. Every Friday, a new brand will host a live shopping event featuring influencers, experts and product demonstrations. I’m sure if it goes well, the platform will start rolling it out for other industries too.

We’ve seen this work incredibly well with Chinese KOLs and it’s sure to be a huge hit and success with influencers and brands elsewhere in the world.

Read the full article here.

Facebook live shopping

Brands need to be where their customers are

If your brand’s customers are mainly Gen Z, you should consider adding TikTok creators to your marketing plan. Over the last year, we’ve seen brands jump at the opportunity to reach their younger fans on the short-form video platform and those with a solid strategy and the right creators behind it, have achieved great results.

But, TikTok is not only for the Gen Zs anymore. During the pandemic the app was also discovered by millennials who now accounts for over 30% of the user base globally. Perhaps in addition to Instagram, brands should also consider adding TikTok to their influencer strategies when targeting the up to 40 year-olds.

Read the full article here.

Podcast: In conversation with Geo West

In this episode, we’re in conversation with Geo West, owner and founder of the Happy Cat agency in the UK, where they implement campaigns for brands of all sizes and provide training programmes for influencers and brands. She started her influencer marketing career over 10 years ago, working behind the scenes with some of the biggest content creators in the world.

Grab a coffee and listen as we discuss:

  • The rise of expert influencers.
  • How influencer tiers are blurring and what we should be looking at when identifying influencers for campaigns.
  • Why relatability and authenticity is king.

Listen to other episodes here.

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