What you will read about today:

  • How brands find unique ways to create social media virality.
  • Instagram adds captions to Stories and soon, Reels.
  • People are turning to online creators for news and opinions.
  • Podcast: In conversation with Jeanine Rainier, General Manager at TILT.

How brands find unique ways to create social media virality

The concept of viral content has been around for as long as social media platforms. Brands are always looking at how to make it happen and below is one way to go about it.

  • Find cultural moments.
  • Connect with the right influencers.
  • Get creative with messaging.

Read the article here for more insights on how brands are finding ways to make their content go viral and stand out from the clutter.

Instagram adds captions to Stories and soon, Reels

Instagram is in the midst of rolling out captions for Stories. This is a great move as many people watch videos with the sound off; and it’s more inclusive for deaf and hard-of hearing Instagram users. For now the feature is only available in English and in English-speaking countries, but Instagram plans to roll it out to other countries and languages soon. It’s also rolling out the captions sticker first to Stories and will then begin testing it in Reels, with a broader launch to follow.

Read the article here.

People are turning to online creators for news and opinions

Public trust in traditional news is at an all-time new and is turning to their favourite influencers for news and opinions. Social media has evolved from being about entertainment to providing us with real-time updates on important events and news. Influencers have also come a long way. They might have once manipulated messaging for their own gain, but these days influencers are all about transparency, taking a stand for their beliefs and building meaningful communities and relationships with their audiences. This is important because audiences can see through misleading and dishonest behaviour. A new brand of influencers were born last year – Genuinfluencers. They do not sell or promote products to their audiences, instead they aim to inspire and empower by spreading awareness of critical issues. These influencers are generally experts in their fields and their audiences trust them as such.

Read the article here.

Podcast: In conversation with Jeanine Rainier, General Manager at TILT

In this episode, we’re in conversation with Jeanine Rainier. She is a Gen-Z and millennial marketing maven and is a key role-player in the evolving South African influencer marketing space. Currently, General Manager at TILT, Jeanine is an influencer marketing guru and expert in authentically translating brand objectives in a digital space.

Grab a coffee and listen as we discuss:

  • Peer-to-peer vs traditional marketing.
  • Why it’s important for brands to build emotional relationships with their customers.
  • Using story-telling to connect to customers.

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