• The increased spend on branded content and influencer marketing.
  • Ace Hardware turns to influencer marketing to reach younger audiences.
  • Instagram tests new feature.
  • Podcast: In conversation with Phelokazi Mbude, multi-media journalist.

The increased spend on branded content and influencer marketing

A recent study showed that advertisers are spending more money on branded content and influencer marketing due to the shift of consumer behaviours over the pandemic period. Brands found new ways of reaching their audiences and it proved to be greatly successful. The main reason for this strategies is that it’s flexible and can be implemented and changed at relative short notice. The top reasons for using and investing in branded content and influencers is to increase product consideration, drive sales, and reach new target consumers.

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Ace Hardware turns to influencer marketing to reach younger audiences

The popular almost 100-year-old hardware retailer has added a paid and organic influencer strategy to their marketing efforts to attract younger audiences. To catch the eye of first-time home owners, they worked with popular DIY influencers on Instagram and TikTok.

“Working with influencers allows the brand to make content that “doesn’t feel like an ad,” explained Tom O’Keefe, CEO of O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul, the creative agency behind the SomeDay campaign. “Influencers are the ones experiencing procrastination [of their home projects],” said O’Keefe. “They’re the DIY voice right now.”

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Instagram tests new feature

Last year Instagram tested hiding likes in a couple of select regions. They’ve taken it a step further now. At the moment the social media platform is exploring a new option where users get to decide what works best for them — either choosing to see the like counts on others’ posts, or not. Users will also be able to turn off like counts on their own posts, if they choose. Facebook additionally confirmed it will begin to test a similar experience on its own social network.

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Podcast: In conversation with Phelokazi Mbude, multi-media journalist

In this episode we’re in conversation with Phelokazi Mbude, Multi-media journalist who currently writes for W24. She is deeply invested in elevating stories about women. Writing across beats, you will find her by-line on stories about digital media trends, personal wellness and alternative fashion and beauty.

Grab a cup of coffee and listen as we discuss:

  • The shift in media consumption by the public during the pandemic and why brands should adapt.
  • The rise of the relatable micro influencer.
  • Why short-from video is popular.

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