• Cetaphil is using dermatologists as influencers and Gen Z is loving it.
  • 3 ways fashion brands can leverage on TikTok.
  • Why Marie Kondo sparks influencer marketing joy.
  • Podcast: In conversation with Pieter Groenewald and Murray Legg about influencer marketing tech and nano influencers.

Cetaphil is using dermatologists as influencers and Gen Z is loving it

Over the last year we saw the rise of the ‘expert’ influencer. These influencers are exactly that – experts in their fields. During the pandemic we especially saw a rise in doctors and nurses educating the public about the virus and through that becoming influencers. This trend will continue as experts have the highest levels of trust and credibility in their respective niches.

Cetaphil launched their new campaign in 2020 with dermatologists as their leading influencers and Gen Z is responding in a big way. In fact, as of late last year, Cetaphil ranks as the number 3 most popular skin-care brand behind CeraVe and Neutrogena; and Gen Z makes up 40% of consumers as of 2020. The skincare label saw its opportunity with the popularity of DermTok on the popular social media platform TikTok, where users are educated on all matters of the skin by dermatologists.

Read the full article here.

3 ways fashion brands can leverage on TikTok

TikTok is was the most downloaded social media app in 2020 and it’s no surprise that brands are jumping at the opportunities to use big TikTokers to find favour with users. Fashion brands are no exception. In the article you will read how brands can leverage the platform through:

  1. Collaborating with influencers and boost ads (ads are not yet available in South Africa, but it’s coming)
  2. Tapping into sustainability initiatives
  3. Capitalising on meme culture

Read the article here.

Why Marie Kondo sparks influencer marketing joy

Poshmark, the second-hand social commerce retailer, made a fantastic decision when they enlisted Marie Kondo as an influencer. They gave extensive thought to who would be an authentic and credible fit, tapping into the kinds of audiences that already have an affinity with clearing out and donating. Who better than Marie Kondo? One can say with confidence that a brand like Poshmark “is a natural extension of her own brand” and it paid off proving yet again that aligning the right influencers with brands is a key factor for success.

Read the article here.

Podcast: In conversation with Pieter Groenewald and Murray Legg

In this episode we’re in conversation with Pieter Groenwald and Murray Legg. Pieter is a qualified Chartered Accountant who fell in love with the media world and for the last 11 years his focus has been on influencer marketing. He founded theSALT, the first to market nano influencer channel in SA, which is being rolled out internationally at the moment as a technology solution. Currently, he’s the CEO of SA’s #1 Influencer Marketing Group at Nfinity, helping brands to capitalise on “trusted referrals” through influencer marketing. Murray, an engineer by trade is an ambitious entrepreneur in the marketing, fintech and ecommerce sectors and also one of the founders of Webfluential. He describes himself as “a gritty, commercial thinker with a flair for seeing the impact of technology in industry well ahead of the consensus view.”

Grab a coffee and listen as we discuss:

    • Why nano influencers have become more popular over the last 2 years.
    • The role nano influencers play in campaigns.
    • The tech Murray and his team designed specifically for nano influencers and why this is important for brands.
    • The role that tech plays in legitimising influencer marketing


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