• A new type of influencer on the rise: the Genuinfluencers.
  • Lessons to take from Facebook influencers.
  • How the new Instagram policy will shape influencer marketing.
  • Podcast: In conversation with Gordon Glenister.

A new type of influencer on the rise: the Genuinfluencers

2020 saw the rise of genuinfluencers and they’re here to stay. These influencers differ from the type of influencers we are used to: they don’t want to sell audiences anything, they share information and strive to educate their audiences. They’re credible in their respective fields because they are experts. For example, doctors became influencers during the pandemic because people wanted a credible source of information.

The geniunfluencer will become more and more valuable as we see an increase in caused-based marketing. Consumers want to support businesses with relevant causes and brand marketing will increasingly reflect this.

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Lessons to take from Facebook influencers

The original social media influencer platform is still the most engaged in the world. Influencers who have created their communities on the platform have seen huge success. The lessons you’ll learn more about in the article is about the importance of authenticity, the value of Facebook ads and the popularity of live video.

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How the new Instagram policy will shape influencer marketing

Last year Instagram started rolling out hiding likes on content in Canada and America. Influencers and brands were quite concerned of the prospect, especially travel influencers. Since the roll-out influencers and brands have adjusted well, realising that hiding likes make no difference to campaigns or using influencers to reach audiences. One of the most positive changes this is forcing in the industry to move away from vanity metrics when not only measuring campaign success but also when identifying influencers for campaigns. Knowledge of back-end data will become a necessity when choosing influencers and that means brands will have to work with professional influencer agencies that have access.

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Podcast: In conversation with Gordon Glenister

In this episode we’re in conversation with Gordon Glenister, Global head of Influencer Marketing, BCMA. Grab a cup of coffee and listen as we discuss:

    • How we’re getting better at measuring ROI in the industry.
    • Why working with professional influencer marketing specialists can make or break a brand’s campaign.
    • Tapping into influencers’ creativity and content to use in brand campaigns off social media.
    • Influencers and ecommerce – the way of the future.
    • Why scripting influencer content does not work.
    • WHO using influencers to effectively reach younger generations, who does not necessarily watch TV or read print media, with their COVID messaging.

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