• Boots used influencers to target Gen Z successfully.
  • The importance of influencer marketing in the new normal digital sphere.
  • The influencer effect.
  • Podcast: In conversation with Mike Stopforth about digital transformation and where influencer marketing fits.

Boots used influencers to target Gen Z successfully

Boots noticed a decline in beauty spend from younger consumers and came up with a brilliant campaign to win them back. The brand developed a platform called Boots X with the aim to increase engagement within the the Gen Z age group through involving trusted influencers. It worked incredibly well and video content hosted on Instagram quickly became their most-watched. To read how they won back a lost generation, using their favourite and most influential influencers, click here.

The importance of influencer marketing in the new normal digital sphere

It’s no secret that most brands that could, migrated to digital in 2020…and consumers did too. Digital became a place for entertainment, education and a lot of shopping. It’s been coming, but 2020 accelerated the creative and media worlds to almost merge into one. “The fundamentals of advertising haven’t changed: telling the right story, in the right place, to the right people. But every one of those concepts has fundamentally changed with the digital era.” We find ourselves in an era where performance-based influencer marketing is on the rise. Influencers are powerful on their own, but using them as content creators and targeting relevant mass audiences with relatable and authentic content through performance marketing is where the magic lies. Read more about it here.

The influencer effect

This article is a great example of one macro influencer helping a brand to gain awareness and sales. A UK reality star found a small furniture maker online and ordered one of their tables and subsequently posted it to her Instagram platform. Initially she didn’t mention the brand but after a DM from the brand owner she posted a video and tagged them. The brand gained over 2 000 followers over night and couldn’t keep up with orders. This brand was lucky in that the influencer didn’t ask for any payment, but even if she was paid, we suspect it would have had the same effect. The take-out from this article for us is the importance of matching the right influencers with brands and telling the right stories on the right platforms. Read the full story here.

In conversation with Mike Stopforth

Digital transformation is buzz word that’s been around for years. But what is it and where does influencer marketing fit in? Mike Stopforth, well-known South African entrepreneur, start-up investor, author, speaker and disruption and innovation advisor, chats to us about this.

Listen to it below:

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