• Skinfluencers’ time is now.
  • Another lesson in following influencer marketing regulations.
  • Influencers are becoming the largest distribution networks.
  • Podcast: In conversation with Rupa Shah demystifying disclosure and influencer marketing regulations.

Skinfluencers’ time is now

Beauty influencers have enjoyed the spotlight for many years, but skinfluencers are rising to the top. Over the last year a big part of the world’s working population started working from home and the markets have seen a decline in make-up sales. Skincare saw an uptake though, and with it, skinfluencers are becoming more popular as go-to gurus and for discovering new products.

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Love Island star breaches advertising rules

Advertising boards across the world are clamping down on influencers and brands flouting the rules and regulations on disclosure and transparency to their followers. The latest in a long line is Love Island’s Luke Mabbot with regards to online clothing giant Boohoo. It’s important for brands to insist on influencers following rules and regulations and make sure that they do so.

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Influencers will be the biggest distribution networks

Influencers had a meteoric rise in the last couple of years and it continues to evolve and rise. Truth is that consumers lost trust in advertising a long time ago, and with the advent of social media networks, gained access to millions of peers who are happy to share brand experiences. It became very clear – people buy from other people, not brands, meaning that we trust the recommendations of our peers far more than what brands are shouting about themselves. This is the premise of influencer marketing, why influencers became a marketing channel; and why it works well when done right.

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In conversation with Rupa Shah

Rupa Shah, Founder & Director, Hashtag Ad Consulting, is an authority on influencer marketing rules and regulations. In our conversation she demystifies and simplifies what is expected of brands and influencers.

Listen to the episode below or at this link.

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