• 1-in-4 consumers turn to influencers for news before journalists.
  • The 7 lessons Ryan Reynolds teaches us about marketing.
  • Regulations drive safer eco-systems for influencer marketing.
  • Podcast: In conversation with Deshnie Govender.

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1-in-4 Consumers turn to influencers for news

A new study has shown that people between the ages of 16 – 44 are more likely to look to influencers to news and opinions rather than journalists. This has lead to the WHO using influencers to spread accurate hygiene messaging and governments around the world using influencers to create awareness of things like the COVID-19 trace and track app in the UK. Influencers are no longer to only promote products, but they’re also effective to spread serious messages.

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7 Lessons you can learn from Ryan Reynolds about marketing

Ryan Reynolds have become an expert in marketing. His content seems effortless and fits in with his persona which appeals with his audiences around the world. The 7 lessons that we can learn from Ryan, which includes consider consumers first, real authenticity and quick turn around times, are also applicable to influencer marketing.

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Ryan Reynolds

Regulations drive safer eco-systems for influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has grown exponentially over the last couple of years. It’s only natural that so many want to get in on the action, especially wanting to become influencers. Because of this, we’ve also seen the rise in influencer fraud. While regulations for influencer marketing in individual markets assist with eradicating influencer fraud, agencies specialising in influencer marketing is a surefire way to ensure that brands use authentic influencers who align with brand values. These agencies have the tech tools required to vet influencers on numerous essential points, including whether they have bought followers and engagement among others. Good influencer marketing agencies also have data-bases of pre-vetted influencers with already negotiated fees, which are industry averages depending on many factors.

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Podcast: In conversation with Deshnie Govender

Deshnie Govender chats to us about influencer marketing in the alcohol industry and how they at ABinBev approached it during lockdown when no alcohol was sold. She is the head of Channels of Influence at ABinBev Draftline working on brands such as Stella Artois, Brutal Fruit, Castle Lite, Castle Lager, Budweiser and Shine Club to name a few.

Listen to the episode here.

Deshnie Govender

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