• Influencer marketing has motivated 51% of consumers to make a purchase.
  • The importance of an influencer marketing data platform.
  • Adapting to the demands of Gen Z consumers.
  • Podcast: In conversation with Jarred Trembath

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Influencer marketing has motivated 51% of consumers to make a purchase

Consumers’ changing patterns due to the pandemic and heightened awareness of social injustice and systemic inequality have resulted in new opportunities for brands to drive a connection with consumers. A new report shows that 21% of consumers have made an influencer-motivated purchase for the first time since the pandemic started in March; and 35% of consumers made an unplanned purchase based on something that they saw on social media during the same period.

Consumption habits have changed and so should brands’ marketing mix. By tweaking and adding to a brand’s marketing plan, they can reach their audience no matter where they choose to spend their time.

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The importance of an influencer marketing data platform

Using an influencer marketing data platform ensures that a campaign is properly and efficiently managed. In particular it provides clearer data so that brands can plan their campaigns more efficiently; ensures time-efficient implementation; and makes reporting easier and more accurate.

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Adapting to the demands of Gen Z consumers

Gen Z is fast becoming a big focus for most brands as they become of age. This generation is said to be the most disruptive generation we’ve ever known. They were raised in a hyper-connected world, the smartphone is their preferred method of communication and on average, they spend three hours a day on their mobile device. Gen Z typically spends a lot of time on social media and broadcasters will succeed in providing on-demand content that adapts to any device and is easily accessible through web searches, as well as links in social media.

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Podcast: In conversation with Jarred Trembath

In this episode we are in conversation with Jarred Trembath discussing the Gillette Women’s Day campaign that was definitely not fluff, why he thinks it was successful and he gives some great campaign planning tips. Keep a pen and paper handy!

Jarred is a Digital Marketing & Biddable Media leader at MediaCom, one of the worlds biggest media advertising agencies. He has led over 30 global brands in their digital marketing strategy in his career so far, which makes him a powerhouse and front-runner in navigating brands in the forever-changing digital world.

Listen here.

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