• What Vans can teach us about influencer marketing.
  • Is this the time for B2B influencer marketing to shine?
  • How social media marketing and influencer marketing are taking taking over the market place.
  • Podcast: catch-up on the conversations you have missed.

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What Vans can teach us about influencer marketing

The brothers who started the sneaker brand used influencer marketing successful in the 1970s already. Back then a group of popular surfers were dominating the skateboarding scene and loved Vans because of its endurance. Vans saw opportunity and started sponsoring one of the skateboarders. They paid him $300 a month to exclusively wear Vans at skateboard competitions. They also took direction from the team of skaters to produce signature shoes and in addition promoted the entire team in with full-paged advertisements. The team became super stars and Vans became mainstream along with skateboarding. Vans were the first brand to tackle athlete sponsorships or rather using athletes as influencers in a very specific way. They looked at target market relevance and long term collaboration and it worked like a dream.

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Is this the time for B2B influencer marketing to shine?

We live in an era of information overload. Everywhere we look, there’s articles, adverts and unfortunately, a lot of fake news. More than ever, people are paying attention to original sources aka where information came from. This makes influencer marketing an important component of marketing – using credible and trusted people to talk about your brand. In the B2B space, it’s important to remember that it’s not a quick win, it takes time. It’s equally important to cultivate relationships with those speaking on your brand’s behalf and that they are relevant and authentic. For these reasons, often a brand’s employees are their best influencers. They are already experts in the field, they know your business inside and out and it builds there profile along with the brand’s.

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How social media marketing and influencer marketing are taking taking over the market place

Almost half the world is on social media and consumers are shopping online more and more. We’ve also seen that people are spending a lot more time on social media since the start of the pandemic, meaning that most consumers can be reached on these platforms. Combined with consumers trusting traditional advertising less and looking to trusted peers for brand recommendations, using the right influencers, who resonate with a brand’s target market, is extremely effective.

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Podcast: catch-up

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