• Instagram looks at new way to encourage users to use Reels.
  • Are influencers the new Editors in Chief?
  • Influencer marketing bounces back strongly as pandemic lingers.
  • Podcast: Castle Lager’s latest campaign and why the brand has such a loyal fan base.

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Instagram looks at new way to encourage users to use Reels

Reels is Instagram’s answer to TikTok and everyone in the marketing industry is keeping a close eye to see how its received by the public and influencers alike. To encourage more Instagram users to create and share Reels, the social media platform has started adding a display of “suggested Reels” in main feeds. The main aim is to make Reels easier for Instagrammers to discover and hopefully convert users to make and share their own. Will it work? Only time will tell. The general feedback on Reels so far is that it’s full of repurposed videos from TikTok and its original content not as good in comparison.

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Are influencers the new Editors-in-Chief?

Think about it…an Editor-in-Chief ensures and dictates that whatever is published, is trusted and aligns with its readers. Is that not exactly what influencers are for their own platforms? Carefully thought out content pillars and content is pushed out on a weekly or daily basis through which influencers build audiences who trust and like them whilst deeming their opinions credible. This includes having sponsors and paid partnerships that still aligns and add value to their audiences.

Read the full article here.

Influencer marketing bounces back strongly as pandemic lingers

Branded content from influencers was up by 21% in July from March across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This comes despite sponsored influencer posts plunging 85% on Instagram and 57% on Facebook in April versus the same time last year. Influencers are alternative media and can produce work from home studios that bigger production companies and content studios have trouble doing under pandemic restrictions.

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Podcast: In conversation with Sphe Vundla

In this episode we are in conversation with Sphe Vundla who is the marketing manager for Castle Lager and Castle Free. He shares his journey into marketing and influencer marketing with us. We also chat about his latest campaign, why Castle has such a big, loyal fan base and he tells us about his favourite campaign he’s worked on to date and why. Happy listening.

Listen to the episode here.

Sphe Vundla

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