• TikTok launches website and Twitter account to address misinformation.
  • Content strategy and influencer marketing will change how things work.
  • How brands are connecting with consumers in lockdown.
  • Podcast: employee influencing in the telecoms industry.

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TikTok launches website and Twitter account to address misinformation

In an attempt to combat the global backlash and curb misinformation and rumours, TikTok has set up a website and Twitter account to set the record straight. They aim to build trust with their users, TikTok commented in a statement. Perhaps it’s also an attempt at being more transparent to avoid other countries from trying to ban it?

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Content strategy and influencer marketing will change how things work

Since the start of influencer marketing, the responsibility sat with PR agencies. As the channel has grown into its own and required specific expertise, many PR agencies place their trust in specialised influencer marketing agencies. The focus has moved away from big journalists and media being the only influencers in industries to social media birthing its own stars. PR agencies are great at connecting with the media, but need a bit of help connecting with niche influencers. This is the future, multiple agencies in different disciplines coming together to work as a united team to fill client briefs.

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How brands are connecting with consumers in lockdown

It’s no surprise that the various global lockdowns forced brands into thinking out of the box when it comes to connecting with their customers. With everyone being in the similar boat and staying at home, and influencers sharing more relatable and “at home content”, so did brands. From luxury brands sharing a sneak peak behind the workings of their businesses and designers hosting drawing lessons online, to models doing their own fashion shoots in their homes. The world has become a lot more authentic, even on social media, over the last 6 months.

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Relatable content

Podcast: In conversation with Gopolang Ngale-Lekgetha

Gopolang Ngale-Lekgetha, Executive Head of Marketing for Vodacom Business and a member of the Vodacom Business EXCO, joins us in conversation to explore employee influencing in the telecoms industry.

“These employees are part of the business’ DNA and can positively impact the way people view us [Vodacom Business] as an employer and the way customers view us as business partners,” commented Gopolang when asked about why she thinks employees make good influencers.

Employee influencing works exceptionally well in the B2B space and brands operating in this space is encouraged to consider this marketing channel to position themselves as well as their employees as industry experts.

Listen to the episode here.

Gopolang Ngale-Lekgetha

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