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  • Why influencers are a big deal right now.
  • The impact of influencer marketing on consumers.
  • The story of the selfie and how it’s impacted marketing.
  • Podcast: The importance of authentic influencers for your campaigns and using your employees as internal influencers.

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Why is influencer marketing such a big deal right now?

The simple answer is because it works. Studies show that it’s not only the younger generations who are skeptical of traditional advertising, but most consumers would rather make a buying decision based on recommendations from influencers aka peers. They trust real people, with real experiences in other words they believe that influencers that they follow are authentic and credible.

Read the full article here.

The impact of influencer marketing on consumers

The fact is that people don’t buy from brands, they buy from people and when a trusted person has a positive experience and shares it, more people are likely to try the brand or product. Word of mouth aka reviews drive sales and influencers drive reviews. Read more about this here and the high ROI influencers offer brands if chosen correctly.


The story of the selfie and its impact on marketing

The selfie has come a long way and though many may see it as vanity, it also proved to be a great part of strategy when it comes to user generated content for brands.

In 2013 alone, around 57 million #selfie hashtags were released into the social media landscape. The visual splendor, sheer creative scope, and opportunity for engaging user-generated content offered by the selfie became irresistible to brands across industries.

Read the full article here for examples of fantastic selfie campaigns.

Podcast: In conversation with Phumeza Langa

This episode discusses the importance of choosing authentic influencers and using employees as internal influencers.

Listen to the episode here.

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