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  • 3 key trends that will shape influencer marketing post COVID-19
  • Influencer marketing spend on YouTube this year
  • Influencer marketing recognised as a legitimate communications channel
  • Podcast: in conversation with Matan Atias unpacking combining paid media with influencer marketing

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3 key trends that will shape influencer marketing post COVID-19

The world has shifted in the last 3 months and people adapted quickly. Social distancing, a preference for online shopping and people’s increased social media usage are not going to suddenly revert back to what it was before. Brands need to embrace this and pivot their marketing strategies to meet their consumers where they spend most of their time.

Read more to find out what the other 2 key trends are. 

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Influencer marketing spend on YouTube this year

While industries like travel and tourism cut their influencer marketing budgets due to the pandemic, others continue to spend on the marketing channel and seeing great ROI when it comes to YouTube. Gaming, tech, beauty, fashion, food and drink industries are thriving and is perhaps a glimpse of the rest of 2020.

Read more here.


Influencer marketing recognised as a legitimate communications channel

Influencer marketing has seen a big uptake in recent years. Last year various governing bodies around the world even put regulations in place. It is now clear that it is recognised as a legitimate communicatios channel and enables goverments and NGOs to tap into sectors not reached by traditional media.

Read the full article here.

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In conversation with Matan Atias about incorporating paid media with influencer marketing

This episode is an interesting chat and informative to any marketer, PR consultant or anyone else working in the influencer marketing industry. Matan Atias talks to us about why combining paid media and influencer content works exceptionally well.

“On average, combining influencer content with paid media, delivers 8 to 11 times more in terms of return on ad spend,” says Matan. “This is not to say that we should stop everything we do in traditional paid media, it’s a complementary product. The reason for better ROI is authenticity. People have become good at blocking ads that feel like ads. By pairing advertising with influencers, it doesn’t feel like an ad. It’s human to human communications and connection.”

Listen to the episode here.

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