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  • Influencer marketing is entering its golden age.
  • 6 essential influencer marketing truths every e-commerce brand should know.
  • Coronavirus and influencer marketing: a return to our roots.
  • Murray Legg chats to us about the changes Facebook is making to Facebook and Instagram and how it impacts on influencers and the influencer marketing industry as a whole.

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Influencer marketing is entering its golden age

With the increased use of social media over the last month, influencer marketing is entering a new era. Influencers have bigger audiences to engage with now, although it might mean that some niches will have to pivot their angles.With a bigger audience it also means that this is a great time for brands to get more engaged and reach more people in their target market through authentic voices.

In addition to that, influencers are an all-in-one when it comes to creating content. They’re the art directors, script writers, photographers, videographers, set stylists, distributors and so much more. Instead of spending a bucket-load on advertising shoots, brands can cut down on budget by using influencers. Even the World Health Organisation turned to influencers for its Safe Hands Challenge campaign.

Read the full article here.

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6 essential influencer marketing truths every e-commerce brand should know.

E-commerce has been around for a long time, but with the restrictions being placed on brick and mortar stores with the global pandemic, online stores have already increased and is sure to boom over the next couple of months. But can influencer marketing help drive traffic to these new e-commerce sites? In a word, yes.

This article discusses 6 ways influencer marketing can do just that.

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Coronavirus and influencer marketing: a return to our roots

The pandemic has certainly made everyone, including brands, think more about humanity than ever before. Marketing, as a discipline, has also seen a shift. Brands have a sterling opportunity to create emotional bonds with their consumers that will last long after the we go back to the ‘new normal’. Influencer marketing in particular has returned to its roots: trust and authenticity.

Read the full article here.


In conversation with Murray Legg on the Facebook and Instagram changes and its impact

This episode is important to anyone in the influencer marketing industry, whether an influencer or a marketer. We chat with Murray Legg about the changes Facebook is making to its own platform as well as Instagram and how that will impact on influencer marketing going forward.

“What Facebook is looking to do after buying WhatsApp and Instagram is streamlining its privacy a lot better,” said Murray. “It’s all underpinned by giving customers a great experience that they can trust and also be able to manage users’ privacy and data appropriately.”

Listen to the episode here.

Murray Legg


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