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  • The hotel industry is finally considering stepping into the digital light.
  • How Lyft balances meaningful campaigns with passionate, authentic influencers to create social change.
  • The new generation of creators that is emerging.
  • Listen to two new episodes of the Coffee Conversations about Influencer Marketing podcast.

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Hospitality should take inspiration from Instagram shopping

The article that you are about to read talks about hotels taking a page out of other industries’ books. Having customers book rooms from Instagram pages is all good and well, but it’s easier said than done. The hospitality industry relies on it being able to provide great human experiences and thus needs to tow the fine line between digital and those experiences. Elevating hotel Instagram shopping with the right type of influencers can be a match made in heaven because they are the perfect mix of digital and human aka relatable to their audiences.

Read here about how Edition Hotels plan on transforming the booking and accommodation experiences it offers.

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Using influencer marketing for positive change: a conversation with Lyft

The ride share company is much more than that. It is also heavily focused on campaigns for food equity, voting access and job access programs. In order to generate awareness around this, they employ incredibly successful tiered influencer marketing campaigns to create social change.

Read here about how Lyft balances meaningful campaigns with passionate, authentic influencers to create social change.


The era for a new generation of creators has dawned

Influencer marketing has been around since the dawn of time and keeps evolving. In 1765 British potter Josiah Wedgwood produced a tea set for Queen Charlotte and used her as an influencer to sell his tea sets for a tidy profit; more recently during the 1950s, celebrities were used to endorse products; in the 1980s celebrities were signed to huge sponsorship deals and the early 2000s were all about reality TV stars. Over the last couple of years we saw the rise of the social media influencer, but now we’re seeing another shift to creators. The latter produces content they genuinely care about, content that adds value to their respected communities regardless of whether there are big sponsorship deals involved.

Read the interesting article here.

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Podcasts: Marketing in the time of COVID-19; and the state of influencer marketing

This week we have two podcast episodes to share with you…lucky you…the first one is an in-depth look at marketing in the tough times we find ourselves in. Busi Skhosana, owner and founder of Azanian Pulse Management, sheds some light on the topic for us.

The second episode is with Head of Sales at Webfluential, Jhene Nel, chatting to us about the current state of influencer marketing.

Listen to both here.


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