This episode is an interesting chat and informative to any marketer, PR consultant or anyone else working in the influencer marketing industry. Matan Atias talks to us about why combining paid media and influencer content works exceptionally well.

Matan is a performance driven, creative marketer that has spent the last 8 years in the digital marketing and advertising technology space. He is passionate about connecting brands and consumers in a way that is meaningful to consumers and impactful to marketers. He like to fuse creativity and sales/revenue driven strategies to deliver to business objectives.

“On average, combining influencer content with paid media, delivers 8 to 11 times more in terms of return on ad spend,” says Matan. “This is not to say that we should stop everything we do in traditional paid media, it’s a complementary product. The reason for better ROI is authenticity. People have become good at blocking ads that feel like ads. By pairing advertising with influencers, it doesn’t feel like an ad. It’s human to human communications and connection.”

To learn more about Matan, connect with him on LinkedIn.


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